Sharon Felton -
November 7, 2012
This has been an amazing journey.  I had the opportunity to connect with thousands of citizens across the City of Virginia Beach.  We have shared joy, laughter, triumphs, disappointments, concerns, hopes, dreams and aspirations.  Through it all, one thing remains evident; ultimately parents want their children to have a prosperous future.
The support I received came in many forms including financially, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.  Much appreciation to those of you who believed in me, and my desire to serve the students and families of our community.  I look forward to continuing my work as a community advocate for education in our great city of Virginia Beach. 
Congratulations to the winners in each school board race.  We all built a bond on the campaign trail and I look forward to working with you over the new few years.  I will hold you all accountable to the promises that you made to our community regarding the education of our children. 
As a graduate of Virginia Beach Public Schools over 40 years ago, I have experienced the Virginia Beach School System at a very trying time and ultimately at its best.  As a mother of graduates and a grandmother of current students in the Virginia Beach School system, I have a vested interest in seeing that our schools continue to produce quality graduates that can compete in a global economy.  I will continue to work to ensure that our students have access to a quality education.
I am not resting on my laurels…”the voice of the community” is still speaking out for our children.
For more information email or call 757.581.6805
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